I teach cello to students of all ages. Whatever a student’s reason for learning the cello, I focus on building a solid technique and understanding of music theory and musicianship. The only prerequisite for lessons is an eagerness and commitment to regular practice – you will not progress if the only time you hold your cello is at lessons!

I teach students individually (one-on-one) so that I can meet their unique needs. I also believe ensemble playing and performance experience is very worthwhile and lots of fun. So I help students find other musicians to form ensembles, encourage membership of appropriate orchestras, and provide performance opportunities throughout the year including studio concerts, festivals and exams. In addition, I also hold cello ensemble afternoons for adult (and late teen) students to come together and work on ensemble repertoire with like-minded people.

You are never too old to learn the cello! However, one may be too young! I generally teach students from age 8, however this really depends on the student. Some students are ready to learn cello at a younger age than this. If you have a very young child who is eager to learn the cello, please contact me to discuss this possibility.

I also teach music theory and musicianship based on the AMEB syllabus for grades 1-5. The completion of these earlier grades is especially encouraged for those completing later AMEB instrumental exams which require theory/musicianship as a prerequisite for obtaining a certificate.

20 minutes: $25
30 minutes: $35
45 minutes: $50
Lesson lengths depend on the students’ age (e.g. 20 minutes is for young students), level and progress. Most students will commence lessons with me for 30 minutes.

Terms and conditions
1) Fees are payable at the beginning of each term for that term. Payment is to be made within 14 days of the invoice issue date. Other arrangements may be possible for adult students.
2) Fees from one term cannot be transferred to another term.
3) If cancellation by students is made on the day of the lesson, then the lesson is forfeited. Likewise, if a student doesn’t turn up, the lesson is forfeited. Cancellation should be made at least 24 hours in advance.
4) If I cancel a lesson, I will arrange a make-up lesson.
5) Students must bring their instrument AND their music to lessons, otherwise the lesson will be forfeited.

I teach from studios in the Pialligo region, and one day a week in Ainslie. From mid-2018 I will not be teaching in Pialligo but instead will be in Googong.


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